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Expression of Interest for Flexible Demand Connections

Stakeholders have been invited to respond to our recently published Expression of Interest (EOI) - ‘Flexible Demand Connections,’ available on the ESB Networks web site.

The capacity of our distribution network is crucial in empowering our customers to decarbonise their energy consumption, aligning with our mission to deliver Ireland’s clean electric future. Flexible demand connections will play a vital role in this effort.

This initiative is a key action in our Networks for Net Zero Strategy, supporting the Government’s target to reach net zero by 2050 by ensuring a net zero-ready electricity network by 2040.  ESB Networks will explore innovative solutions to manage the growing demand for electricity by optimising existing infrastructure and reducing overall system costs. This approach includes developing local flexibility markets and implementing timed connections, allowing conditional early access to the network while minimising the need for immediate network reinforcements.  

We value stakeholder feedback and encourage interested parties to submit your views and expression of interest by 17:00 on Tuesday, 16th July 2024.

Participation is vital as it will guide our strategies to maximise distribution network capacity and support our transition to a net zero future.  Please use the Microsoft Form to register your expression of interest.

We look forward to stakeholder input and thank you for your ongoing support and engagement.

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2022 Initial Batch ECP-2.3 Results - Joint SO Publication

This report contains the initial list of applicants that will be processed under Category A as part of the 2022 ECP-2.3 batch. As per the decision paper, the first 25 projects in category A were selected on the basis of renewable output, with the projects having the largest volume of renewable GWhrs/yr generated being granted the highest priority. The subsequent 59 projects were selected in order of planning permission grant date. There is a cap of 10 primarily storage and other system service technology projects in each ECP-2 batch - apart from these projects, all eligible applications to ECP-2.3 were accepted into the Category A batch.

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ESB Executive Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the executive leadership body in ESB. This includes appropriate governance and ringfencing arrangements relating to the Managing Director, ESB Networks DAC.

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Consultation on Estimated Restoration Time (ERT) Accuracy Improvements 2022

In line with the CRU’s PR5 Regulatory Framework Incentives and Reporting (CRU/20/154) determination, ESB Networks in its capacity as Distribution System Operator (DSO), today is publishing for consultation a public consultation on Estimated Restoration Time (ERT) Accuracy.

This public consultation is intended to seek customers, industry participants and other interested parties views on the approach to the Estimated Restoration Time (ERT) Accuracy as set out under CRU/20/154.

Consultation Questions

(1) Do you have any feedback or input on the existing ESB Networks Estimated Restoration Time (ERT) process?

(2) Do you have any feedback or input on the proposed approach ESB Networks have outlined for improving the accuracy of ERTs?

(3) Were you previously aware of where to find the ERT of a fault that you have?

(4) Would you perceive an ERT that is rounded to the nearest 5 minute period (e.g. 10:00, 10:05, 10:10, 10:15 etc.) differently from an ERT that ends in another digit (e.g. 10:01, 10:02, 10:03, 10:04, 10:06 etc.)?

Next Steps

The consultation period will begin on 9th December30th September 2022, and closing on 20th January 2023 at 17:00pm.

Interested stakeholder’s views are invited and can be sent to by 17:00pm on 20th January 2023.

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Lámhleabhar Printíseachtaí

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Achoimre ar an Sonraíocht Chaighdeánach maidir le Duchtáil MVLV Líonraí ESB

Summary of Standard Specification for ESB Networks MVLV Ducting

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Activity Sheet 2 Irish 2016_V1

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Activity Sheet Senior 1 Irish

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Activity Sheet Senior 2 Irish

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Bí Ullamh don Gheimhreadh

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community-led renewable energy projects guide_December 2020

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Copy of KORRR-SGU-Consultation-Response-Template_Ireland

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