Distribution Code

ESB Networks' Distribution Code

We refer to the Distribution System as the electricity distribution network in the Republic of Ireland. The Distribution System Operator (DSO) is the designated authority responsible for the operation of our Distribution and we were granted the Distribution System Operator Licence (PDF | 1MB) by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities Water and Energy - CRU Ireland.

Distribution Code

This Distribution Code Version 8.0 defines the technical aspects of the working relationships between the DSO and all other users of the Distribution System. It aims to ensure an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system for electricity distribution. 

The Distribution Code was first approved by the CER (now known as the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU)) in March 2000. Any modifications or updates to this code must be approved by this Commission. More detail is available in the Distribution Code Constitution (PDF | 323 KB).

Distribution Code Review Panel

ESB Networks is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP), as part of the DSO Licence.

The DCRP is a standing body constituted to review the Distribution Code and propose amendments for approval by CRU.

If you have a query in relation to the Distribution Code and DCRP please email: DistCodePanel@esb.ie


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