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What Connection Capacity should you apply for?

We offer connections that provide for many different levels of electricity usage. When applying for a new connection, you need to specify the maximum electricity demand level you require. This level is then written into the connection agreement as the MIC. We then design our network to provide a connection method in accordance with the agreed MIC.

The ultimate electrical load being connected should be carefully considered and we advise that you consult with your Electrical Contractor to obtain the information we require to complete your New Connection Application form.  You can print out the information you will need here and add it to your application when you are ready.


Application Information needed on Large Loads

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Quick guide

What Connection Capacity should I apply for?12kVA  (Standard)16 kVA Enhanced
Maximum Demand (Averaged over 10 minutes)52 Amps70 Amps

Maximum switched load excluding motors* (e.g. Electric Shower)

9 kVA12 kVa
Limits on motor size / operation:  
Motors that start > 4 times per hour max rating0.75 kW1.1 kW
Starting > twice per day and </= 4 times per hour Max Starting Current**26 Amps40 Amps
Motors that start </= twice per day max Starting Current**42 Amps63 Amps
Maximum Storage Heating9 kW12 kW
... in simple terms 
12 kVASuitable for an average sized domestic dwelling where no farming related activities are to be carried out and where no more than 9kW of night storage heating is to be installed.
16 kVASuitable for dwellings where it is intended to use the connection for farm machinery or light welding. Should also be considered where between 9kW and 13kW of night storage heating or large heat pumps are to be installed.

Table 1 - What Connection Capacity should I apply for?

3 Phase supply may be required for larger motors greater than 5 HP, or processes that require multiple loads operating at the same time.

*More than one switched load can be installed provided they are configured such that max demand is not exceeded.

**Soft Starter can be used to restrict starting current.

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