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ESB Networks Response_(CRU202341) Electricity Generation and System Services Connection Policy

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2021 Batch (ECP-2.2) Results - DSO Publication - April 2022

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2022 Batch (ECP-2.3) Results - Joint SO Publication

This report contains the initial list of applicants that will be processed under Category A as part of the 2022 ECP-2.3 batch. As per the decision paper, the first 25 projects in category A were selected on the basis of renewable output, with the projects having the largest volume of renewable GWhrs/yr generated being granted the highest priority. The subsequent 59 projects were selected in order of planning permission grant date. There is a cap of 10 primarily storage and other system service technology projects in each ECP-2 batch - apart from these projects, all eligible applications to ECP-2.3 were accepted into the Category A batch.

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230221 - Letter - D-Code V8 Approval - CRU to ESBN - Issued 22 February 2023

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conditions governing connection operation small scale generation

This document was produced to facilitate the connection of synchronous and inverter connected generation in the premises of demand customers with an installed generation capacity above Mini-generation.
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Consultation on Sections 48 and 49 Guidance (CRU21110)_ESB Networks response 19.11.2021

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DCRP Minutes 10th May 2022

Minutes of Distribution Code Review Panel Meeting of 10th May 2022.
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Electricity Transmission Performance Report 2020

This document is a joint TAO/TSO report between ESB Networks and EirGrid which looks at our performance in developing, operating and maintaining the transmission system throughout 2020.

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ESB Executive Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the executive leadership body in ESB. This includes appropriate governance and ringfencing arrangements relating to the Managing Director, ESB Networks DAC.

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ESB Networks DAC Statement of Charges PDF | 597 KB

This document lists the current connection charges, distribution use of system charges (DUoS) and other service charges applied by ESB Networks DAC. in its role as Distribution System Operator.

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ESB Networks Distribution Annual Performance Report 2020

The report covers the performance of ESB Networks’ Distribution Business for the year ending December 2020.

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ESB Networks Performance Reporting Criteria

The attached document outlines the key performance criteria on which ESB Networks reports on an annual basis.

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ESB Networks Standard Prices for Generator Connections 2023

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