Overhead Wires

Safety Tip: Always look out and look up when working near overhead electricity wires.

Precautions to take:

  • Never undertake any construction activity within 10 metres of an overhead electricity wire
  • Never dump soil, rubble or topsoil under an overhead electricity wire. To do so would reduce the safe line to ground clearance
  • Keep away from fallen or low hanging wires as they can be very dangerous. Call our Emergency Number 1800 372 999 or +353 21 2382410 and we will rectify the problem
  • If you are planning to work near overhead electricity wires, contact us before you start so that the necessary safety precautions can be put in place to prevent injury. It will not always be possible to switch out an overhead electricity wire to permit work underneath. Contact us at 1800 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to discuss your requirements.

New Code of Practice (May 2019)

In consultation with HSA and other stakeholders, ESB Networks has revised and updated the Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Overhead Electricity Lines (Doc-230910 - BBA). The new Code of Practice is effective from 1st May 2019 It replaces and revokes the original code of Practice which has been in place since 2008.  Click on image to Watch short video. 

Download Code of Practice (PDF | 607 KB)

ESB Networks Safe Construction and Electricity Video

The information in this video is presented to assist those working in the Construction Industry. 


The aim of this video is to provide important safety information to help you stay safe when working near overhead wires and underground cables.