Enduring Connection Policy Stage 2 (ECP-2) - System Operator Information Note

In order to give clarity to existing deemed complete applicants who wish to apply for an ECP-2 batch without a new application fee deposit, please see below for what the SOs will accept in terms of application detail changes:

Application Details that can be changed:

General info

  • Applicant name1
  • Applicant address/registered address, Company Registration Number.
  • Point of contact, contact email/phone/address.
  • Facility name
  • Preferred connection date (applies to transmission applications only)
  • Reduction in MEC (reduction in MEC only, as per the CRU ECP-2 Ruleset)
  • MIC
  • Hybrid sites proportions2
  • Numbers of circuits (applies to transmission applications only)3

Grid Code/confidentiality requirements etc.

  • Grid Code compliance acknowledgement (applies to transmission applications only)
  • Confidentiality agreement (applies to transmission applications only)
  • Landowner consent4

    1 If the Limited Company to which an application relates has been novated etc. since the original application then the relevant System Operator would require confirmation from both parties on company headed paper.
    2 Applicants may not amend the technology type that was specified in the original application form. However, if the applicant had originally stated that two or more technology types were to be constructed as part of the one application then the portion of MEC attributed to each technology may be updated.
    3 The number of connecting circuits the applicant requires for technical and/or security reasons may be updated.
    4 If applicant requires that the original landowner consent applies, please provide a copy of the landowner consent section from your original application.

Applications details with limited changes allowed:


  • Facility address
  • Grid Co-ordinates
  • Maps, diagrams, site plans etc.

5 The Facility can only be moved in accordance with the ECP-1 Decision, CRU/18/058 and as outlined in the ECP-2 Decision, CRU/20/060, section 4.6.


Applications details that cannot be changed (non-exhaustive list):

Technical details

  • Technology type
  • Increasing Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) – an increase in MEC would require a separate application form and would be treated as a new application

“Full” Application Form (NC5)

For applicants that would have filled out a “full” application form (NC5) (as opposed to the Reduced Criteria Application Form NC5A), in addition to and not contradicting the clarifications made above, applicants may update technical information that was previously provided. Any amendments (e.g. generating unit manufacturer, model, voltage etc. and associated test results/reports) submitted as part of the new application form must be in accordance with the current valid planning permission for the project.

For applicants wishing to be considered for inclusion in an ECP-2 Batch, a new fully completed (either “Reduced Criteria Form” or “Full Form”) application form must be submitted including maps, diagrams etc. and confirmation that planning permission is in place for the Project.

If you have any further queries on the application form(s), please email the relevant System Operator:

Distribution System Operator: DSOGenerators@esb.ie
Transmission System Operator: OPMO@EirGrid.com


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