Digging and Excavation Work

Dial Before You Dig

Digging and Excavation Work

Before starting any digging work, contact us to find out if there are any electricity cables in the vicinity of your excavation site.

This information can be provided to you in a map format from our Central Network Mapping office.

Central Network Mapping is a one stop shop for contractors or individuals who intend to carry out excavation work.

What information will I need to request a map?

To request a map you'll need a site plan or area map of your excavation site and your contact details including a postal address.

How to get a map

Central Network Mapping
ESB Networks
St Margaret’s Road
Dublin 11


We will send the map to you within ten days.

Note: In emergency cases ESB Networks’ Central Network Mapping can provide maps for collection. Please call 1800 928 960 or +353 1 8582060 for more details. This service operates Monday to Friday only.

Note: Maps can be provided digitally. Please contact Central Network Mapping for details on the terms and conditions of this service.

ESB Networks Safe Construction and Electricity Video

The information on this video is presented to assist those working in the construction industry. 


The aim of this video is to provide important safety information to help you stay safe when working near overhead wires and underground cables.

Safe Digging

This booklet gives guidance on how you can avoid hitting electrical cables buried in the ground when you are excavating, digging or drilling.

Safe Construction with Electricity

This booklet gives guidance about electrical safety to anyone involved in construction work. It looks at hazards from both overhead and underground electricity wires.

HSA Code of Practice

For a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved with underground electricity cables, please read the H.S.A. Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Underground Services.