Controlled Demand Reduction

What is Controlled Demand Reduction?

When there is a generation shortfall on the electricity system, ESB Networks, as directed by EirGrid will have to reduce electricity demand and this will result in temporary outages for some customers.Any temporary outages will be spread as evenly as possible to minimise outage times for individual customers.  This will be an emergency action required at short notice when there is insufficient generation available to meet demand. This response is in line with international best practice and the action is taken to avert a more serious, prolonged and uncontrolled nationwide outage. If impacted by this event, real-time updates and areas impacted will be available on    We apologise to customers who are impacted by these outages.

FAQs - Controlled Demand Reduction

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Vulnerable Customer Policy

Supporting the needs of customers most vulnerable to the loss of electricity supply is a key priority for ESB Networks. Vulnerable customers include those who need vital electrical medical equipment on a daily basis.

FAQs - Controlled Demand Reduction - Vulnerable Customers

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