Online Connections Useful Customer Information

Useful Customer Information

1. Getting access to online new connections

To register as a User of online new connections you must complete the online registration form. The field required on this form is your email address. You will then be sent an email to validate this email address. The email will provide you with a verification code which you will need to complete registration and create a password so that you can log on to the Site and make an online application or access your connection details. Please note that when you use your registered email address and password you are authorising us to carry out all the instructions you have given us on this Site. We will only allow you to log on and use the site using your registered email address and your password. You must make sure that nobody else knows your registered email address and password. Please do not write them down. If you think that somebody may know your registered email address and password, you can change your password immediately through My Profile section of the site or reset password at the login page.

2. Types of applications excluded from online new connections

You cannot register as a User of online connections if you require the following type of connection:

  1. Unmetered Connections
  2. Generator Connections including Micro-Generation
  3. Relocating a pole or line

If you require a connection for one of the above types you can download a paper application on our website.


3. Types of applications that can use online new connections

You can use online connections for the following purposes:

Domestic customer

  1. Apply for a new domestic connection and track the progress of the job
  2. Apply for a re-energisation of a domestic premises that has been de-energised for more than 2 years and can track  the progress of the job.
  3. Apply for an increase to your domestic capacity
  4. If you apply using a paper Application Form you can still register to  track your domestic connection


  1. Apply for a new commercial connection
  2. Apply for a re-energisation of a commercial premises that has been de-energised more than 2 years
  3. Apply for a change to your commercial capacity
  4. Track the progress of a commercial new connection and re-energisation where your capacity is less than 100kVA
  5. If you apply using a paper Application Form you can still register to track your connection if your capacity is less than 100kVA.


  1. Apply for a connection to a new housing /apartment scheme or commercial/industrial development

4. Tracking your connection

For domestic and commercial (where the capacity is less than 100kVA) connections we will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with accurate status updates on your connection.  Updates will be uploaded once daily Monday to Friday and will  be reflected on the Tracking Section of the Site.  We will also send you email notifications when there is a status update on your job.  We will  send you email reminders where we need you to complete an action:

  1. Ensure your Electrical Contractor sends us a wiring completion certificate
  2. Advise us that your ducting has been complete in accordance with our specifications
  3. Register with an Electricity Supplier

5. Estimated Timeframe

ESB Networks Customer Charter PDF | 723 KB sets out our metering and connection timing guarantees for providing a connection (domestic and commercial with MIC less than 100kVA) once the required conditions are met. Provided you have applied and paid for the connection at least 10 weeks prior to the completion of your electrical installation, we will complete your new connection within 2 weeks of receipt of the electrical wiring Certificate. This is subject to the conditions in the letter of quotation having been met (e.g. wayleaves, wiring Certificate, underground service duct ready) and there being no significant network reinforcement involved.  The estimated timeframe will count down 60 workdays from the date of your acceptance of the terms.  This countdown will show status ‘On hold’ at 10 working days if any of the items on your checklist are outstanding and will resume again once complete. We are unable to meet this target in some cases e.g.

  1. There is significant extra work required
  2. Wayleave issues
  3. Delays with permissions e.g. Road Opening licenses
  4. Repairs of damage to network prioritised due to stormy conditions

During the last 10 days we will contact you by phone or email to give you an update.

6. Payment Methods

You will receive the Electricity Connection Quotation and Connection Agreement in the post. You can pay in the following ways:

On-Line: by Debit or Credit Card.

Phone: 1800 372 757 or +353 21 2386555

EFT: You will need your Account Number (see top left hand corner of your Payment Request.  Also include the last 8 digits of the Payment Request  Number at the top right).

IBAN:  IE43 DABA 9518 2320 0064 08


Email remittance advices to:

7. Contact Us

If you are experiencing any difficulties in using your online new connection account, you can contact us by email at