Connecting unmetered public lighting of less than 2 kVA

Unmetered public lighting connections are provided by ESB Networks where loads are less than 2kVA and energy usage is predictable. The following are the steps for Local Authorities or for Builders/Developers wishing to connect public lighting and unmetered loads of less than 2 kVA (Kilovolt-Amperes) to the electricity network.

Step by Step Guide


Under current Electricity Supply Market rules, the following loads are excluded:

Loads in excess of 2 kVA or seasonal loads (such as festive lighting) - these loads require metered connections and are processed as commercial connections.

New loads with different load profiles - these loads can not be connected to the same connection point e.g public lighting with a dawn-to-dusk profile and traffic lights with a 24-hour profile.  Each profile requires a separate Technical Meter Point Registration Number (TMPRN).

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