Outside Equipment Safety Tips

Outside Equipment Safety Tips

  • Ensure you have an RCD installed or use a plug-in RCD with all tools and equipment you use in the garage or garden
  • Don't use electric tools in the garden if it begins to rain or you are watering the garden
  • Check appliances, flexes and plug-tops before use
  • Always replace a damaged flex or plug-top - don't repair it
  • Keep trailing flexes well clear of cutting edges of lawnmowers, hedge-trimmers and electric saws
  • Unplug a lawnmower or hedge-trimmer before removing grass or debris from the blades
  • Don't extend a flex by jointing or with home-made plug and socket assemblies; buy one of adequate length for outdoor use or use approved extension reels
  • Don't leave appliances or tools unattended when they are plugged in
  • Wear stout rubber boots when using appliances in the garden; gloves also give added protection
  • Always follow manufacturer's instructions regarding the use of protective clothing, goggles, and footwear
  • Treat all powered cutting tools with care

Garden Lights and Water Pumps

  • Make sure all pumps and garden lights are rated for use outdoors.
  • Permanent outdoor wiring must be installed by a registered Electrical Contractor.
  • Cables must be properly buried at a suitable depth. Do not string cables, even low voltage cables, through hedging or plants, along paths or borders. The cable can be easily cut when you are gardening and can cause serious injury.

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