Kitchen Safety Tips

Special care should be taken when using appliances in the kitchen, where the combination of electricity, water, trailing flexes and hot surfaces makes it potentially more dangerous.

Take note of our safety tips below.

Safety Tips

  • Always operate plugs or switches with dry hands
  • Don't wrap flexes around kettles, irons or toasters while they are still hot as the flexes may get damaged
  • Unplug an appliance before you clean it
  • If bread gets stuck in a toaster, always unplug it before trying to release it
  • Don't line the grill pan with cooking foil as the foil could make contact with live terminals
  • Unplug an electric kettle before filling it and make sure that the element is covered by the water
  • Unplug a steam iron before filling it
  • Make sure flexes aren't trailing across the cooker hob or sink

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