Electrical Hazards

Community Safety and Electrical Hazard

Keeping everyone safe from our electricity network is our priority.  All ESB Networks’ assets are designed, built and maintained to ensure public safety.

Danger Sign

Stay away from equipment displaying these hazard symbols. If a fault develops the equipment could be unsafe to approach. If you see anything unusual about an item of electrical equipment with these signs such as a fallen wire or a hole in a substation fence, call our emergency number 1800 372 999 or +353 21 238 2410

Stay Safe, Stay Clear when you see any of these:



electricity pylon

Electricity Pylon



fallen electricity lines

Fallen Lines

electricity pole

Electricity Pole

General Safety Tips

  • NEVER climb into a substation after a ball or other item
  • NEVER throw rope or wire over an overhead line
  • NEVER climb an electricity pylon or pole
  • NEVER attach bunting or flags to electricity poles or equipment
  • If you are walking with long objects such as metal poles or fishing rods in an area with overhead power lines, always carry them parallel to the ground
  • Be aware of overhead power lines if you are putting up TV aerials or radio masts at caravans or mobile homes

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