Tree Cutting

Cutting Trees and Trimming Hedges On Your Property

Are you planning to cut trees or trim hedges on your property? Be aware that any vegetation close to electricity wires or ESB Networks’ equipment presents a significant safety hazard. Electricity can jump gaps, which means that you don't need to come into direct contact with a live electricity wire, or electrical equipment, to be seriously injured or killed.

If the vegetation that requires cutting is within 6 meters of electricity wires or electrical equipment, you can apply for a free tree cutting assessment through your ESB Networks Online Account.

Apply for a Tree Cutting Assessment Today 

You can apply for a free tree cutting assessment through your  ESB Networks Online Account. Once you have completed your application, we will arrange for a tree cutting crew to assess the location within 4-6 weeks.

If the assessment determines that there is no safety risk, the tree cutting will be included in our scheduled tree cutting programme. If a potential safety hazard is identified, we will endeavor to cut it as soon as reasonably practicable.

Please note that there may be delay during the winter months due to weather conditions.

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ESB Networks Tree Cutting

Once the site has been assessed and it is recommended that vegetation needs to be cut, ESB Networks will work in partnership with you to deliver the best possible solution.

  • Where the you the customer choose a professional contractor to cut the vegetation safely. ESB Networks will arrange a switch out or drop the line free of charge in advance to facilitate. 
  • Where you the customer contractor is unable to cut the vegetation, ESB Networks will queue the job to be done as soon as possible. 

Safety Guidelines

When cutting trees or hedges close to overhead power lines, it is important to follow these safety guidelines: 

  • Do not cut trees or hedges within 6 meters of electricity equipment without first contacting ESB Networks. Apply for a free assessment through your ESB Networks Online Account for guidance. To ensure your safety, we may need to temporarily disconnect the electricity supply before cutting begins.
  • Remember that electricity can jump gaps, which means you don’t need to come into direct contact with a live wire to be seriously injured or killed.
  • Always consult tree surgeon / professionals as cutting trees and hedges is a dangerous activity.
  • Before you begin any cutting, establish a hazard zone of at least 6 meters around any electricity poles or support wires. Do not work within this safe hazard zone. . 
  • Never cut trees or branches  that could make contact with the electricity network or equipment as trees or branches could fall or make contact with the network. This means maintaining a safe distance of double the tree's height on either side of any electricity poles or overhead wires before you begin cutting.  Be extremely cautious when cutting vegetation from a height.
  • Be extremely cautious when cutting trees / branches or vegetation from a height.  


Tree Cutting

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