This capacity heatmap provides an indication of the available transformer capacity at substations. The map indicates transformer capacity only. It does not guarantee the same capacity is available in the upstream networks. The heatmap is a snapshot, representing a moment in time, of a continually changing network system. It cannot be relied upon in isolation to assess the viability of a connection to a premises. Whilst we use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the capacity map and related information is accurate, we do not warrant, and do not accept any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy or completeness of the content or for any consequence or loss which may arise from reliance on the capacity heatmap or related information. The data provided must be considered in conjunction with explanations in ‘Important details about the Heatmap’ section. The available capacity figures will be periodically updated, and you should check the webpage routinely for the latest version. The legal disclaimer terms and conditions for use of our website apply to the capacity heatmap and related information.

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