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Electricity Supply for Farm Premises

If you require a new electricity supply for a farm building or out-house, the way you apply depends on the size of electrical load you need. Please see New connection Farm Premises guidelines here.

To move an electricity pole or line on your farm

This may arise if you are building:

  • A new premises close to an existing pole or line or  
  • A new extension in the vicinity of existing network.  

Follow the instructions on the page Relocate a pole or line.

Note: If you have steel masts or single/double wooden poles on your farm land for a network line voltage of 38 kilovolts (kV) or more, ESB Networks will compensate you for Mast Interference.

Relocate a pole or line

Access to your lands

If ESB Networks' staff need to enter your lands in order to examine or work on the electrical network, we will follow the guidelines of the Code of Practice in relation to access to land and or premises (PDF | 106 KB).

Code of Practice - Access to land (PDF | 106 KB)

Safety Tip:

Electrical Safety on the farm is of utmost importance to ESB Networks. Visit Farm Safety to learn more.

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