Connect a Standby Generator

A standby generator is used for emergency power generation in the event of the loss of mains electricity supply. It does not operate in parallel with mains supply. A standby generator may be used in the case of:

  • A planned electricity interruption by ESB Networks
  • A fault on the electricity network
  • A storm or third party damage to the electricity network
Let us know

For safety reasons please inform the Customer Services Supervisor in your local ESB Networks office if you are installing a standby generator at your address. Your registered electrical contractor will have the contact details.

Proper Installation

It's important that the generator is installed by a registered electrical contractor. The generator and its wiring must also be installed in compliance with all relevant Electro Technical Council of Ireland rules. In order to ensure that parallel operation with the electricity network is not possible, a standby generator must always be connected through a change-over switch.

Safety First

A standby generator should never be connected on a temporary basis to the electrical circuits in your premises or to your metering point. To do so could endanger you, your neighbours and ESB Networks' staff.

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