Metal Theft

Stealing metal from ESB Networks' equipment has become a serious issue in recent years and it affects everyone.

It causes powercuts which impact on families, businesses and the economy. It also puts our communities in danger as thieves often leave equipment in an unsafe condition.

We closely monitor the Electricity Network so that when a theft occurs, we respond immediately to make the situation safe and restore supply as quickly as possible.

Public Safety Message:If you come across fallen wires or damaged electricity network, never, ever touch or approach these as they are LIVE and extremely dangerous. Call 1800 372 999 to report any damage to electricity infrastructure

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Crime-stoppers, an Garda Síochána and ESB Networks are calling on members of the public to be vigilant for suspicious activity and to come forward with information. Such information can be given anonymously to the crime-stoppers confidential telephone service by calling 1800 25 00 25.

ESB Networks staff always carry ID and will be able to present this if requested. If you see any suspicious activity near ESB Networks equipment, report it immediately to ESB Networks at 1800 372 999 or +353 21 2382410 (24 hour/7 day service).

Loss of Supply

In the event of loss of electricity supply, customers can check for updates on when their fault is expected to be repaired at PowerCheck. Customers should have their MPRN available to access recorded information specific to their location. Additional information is available via Twitter @ESBNetworks.


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