Construction Safety

Working Safely

"Are you sure it's safe?".

 Recently while carrying out construction works, a building firm exposed and damaged one of our live underground LV electricity cables. Electricity is a safe and versatile energy but can be dangerous if not managed correctly. 

Michael Murray, Public Safety Manager at ESB Networks, wants to remind all construction workers to always stay safe and stay clear of all electricity wires and cables. 

Compliance with the Health and Safety Authority's Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Underground Services in conjunction with your own documented safe systems of work will keep you and your fellow construction workers safe. Remember to always look up and look out for overhead electricity wires and never breach the exclusion zone.  Before breaking ground request a map from our Dial Before You Dig Service at  1800 928 960 or 01 8582060 or by email at

Remember you must always report all damage to overhead or underground electricity cables and wires to ESB Networks immediately. In electricity related emergencies, call us immediately on 1800 372 999.


Working Safely near Overhead Wires

  • Working too close to overhead electricity wires is dangerous.
  • When using tall machinery - keep a safe distance.
  • In an emergency, phone ESB Networks 1800 372 999

Safety Tip:

Watch out for overhead electricity wires and underground cables.

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