ESB Networks' Cable Marker Warning Tape

ESB Networks requires that ESB Networks Approved Yellow Cable Marker Warning Tape be placed above all of its underground cables-approximately 300 millimeters (mm) beneath the surface or finished ground level. This requirement applies to: 

  • All Low Voltage underground services, whether they are for individual houses in the countryside or houses in housing developments. 
  • All Low Voltage mains
  • All Medium and High Voltage cables

Frequently Asked Questions

Tape Specifications

ESB Networks approved marker tape is supplied in two roll lengths and two roll widths, as follows:  

For trench widths up to 450 mm width, two roll lengths are available:

  • Code 2955091: 50m roll of 250mm wide approved marker tape for underground cable supply to rural houses predominantly. One to two rolls of this material should cover most situations 

  • Code 2955090: 200m roll of 250mm wide marker tape for mains and high voltage cable installations; this covers housing scheme type activities.

  • Two roll widths must be used for ESB trenches between 250mm and 500mm 

For trench widths greater than or equal to 500mm, one roll length is available: 

  • Code 2955092: 200m roll of 500mm wide marker tape is available to speed up installation and eliminate gaps between parallel runs of tape. Multiple runs of this material can be used for wider trenches.

Misuse of Tape

Should any tape (including tape with metal strips) other than ESB Networks approved marker tape be discovered overlying ESB networks ducts, you will be required to remove the unapproved marker tape and install approved material in its place prior to connecting supply.

ESB Networks approved marker tape must not be used on Public Lighting circuits or on private network cables, e.g. internally on wind farms or in private industrial parks.

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