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ESB Networks is responsible for the electricity meters in every home and business in Ireland. We read every type of meter including mechanical, electronic and Pay As You Go.

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Quarter Hourly Meter Reading 

For larger commercial and industrial consumers, Quarter Hourly (QH) metering is used.  These meters record the electricity consumption for each 15 minute period during the day.

This information is not available on the meter display.  Instead the meter displays a cumulative total of daily and nightly consumption.  We read all QH meters via a remote connection.  After validation, these readings are passed to your supplier.

If we have a problem reading a meter, one of our technicians will visit your site to resolve the issue.  He/she may also collect the readings manually if necessary.

Estimated Usage During A Power Outage 

As part of our role as the Distribution System Operator, ESB Networks is licenced by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) to provide meter and data services to the electricity market in Ireland.  We provide actual or estimated meter readings to electricity suppliers who then use the data to calculate electricity usage and invoice their customers in accordance with the contract and tariff agreed between the supplier and the customer.

 ESB Networks has been investigating an intermittent issue involving a small number of some smart meter customers for whom half-hourly data is currently being processed.  Following a multi-day power outage, these customers received an estimated usage for the period when there was no power supply. We are investigating the issue and there is no action required on the part of the customer. We are identifying impacted customers and are engaging with electricity suppliers and the CRU to ensure any adjustments due to these customers will be issued in line with industry processes.

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