Connect multiple electric unmetered loads less than 2kVA each (excluding Public Lighting)

Sometimes business customers and farms require multiple unmetered connections less than 2kVA for items such as:

  • Traffic Lights
  • Bus Shelters
  • Telephone Kiosks
  • TV Boosters
  • Electric Fences

To connect multiple electric unmetered loads, follow the step by step guide below:

​Step by Step Guide


Under current Electricity Supply Market rules, the following loads are excluded:

Loads in excess of 2 kVA or seasonal loads (such as festive lighting) - these loads require metered connections and are processed as commercial connections.

New loads with different load profiles - these loads can not be connected to the same connection point e.g public lighting with a dawn-to-dusk profile and traffic lights with a 24 hour profile.  Each profile requires a separate Technical Meter Point Registration Number (TMPRN).

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