Connect multiple electric unmetered loads less than 2kVA each (excluding Public Lighting)

Electric Fence Farm

Multiple Unmetered Connections

Sometimes business customers and farms require multiple unmetered connections less than 2kVA for items such as:

  • Traffic Lights
  • Bus Shelters
  • Telephone Kiosks
  • TV Boosters
  • Electric Fences

Follow the steps below to get connected.

​Step by Step Guide

You need an Ordnance Survey map (scale 1:2500-1:10560) showing the location of the new unmetered load. Mark the exact location with a red pen. You will also need a detailed site plan (scale 1:100-1:500) showing the location of the new unmetered load. Your builder or architect should be able to provide you with both of these. Photocopies are acceptable.

Download the Download the Application Form NC4 PDF | 581 KB  or call 1850 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to request a copy. 


Email the completed form (along with all the required documentation specifying your existing GMPRN if applicable) to


 Or send to:

UnMetered Registrar (UMR)
ESB Networks
Abbeyleix Road 
Co. Laois.

Note: GMPRN or Group Meter Point Reference Number represents a group of unmetered connections that are on a single account. GMPRN is not required for Electric Fences. All other single unmetered connections require a GMPRN.

Next we'll send you an acknowledgement with a reference number and the contact details for the local ESB Networks design office that will prepare your quote.

GMPRN Agreement

 If you did not submit an existing GMPRN in Step 2 above, a GMPRN Connection Agreement will be sent to you upon receipt of your application. This must be signed and returned before your application can be processed any further. The GMPRN Connection Agreement outlines specific responsibilities in relation to unmetered connections, as per the rules of the unmetered electricity supply market. It also provides details of the GMPRN that has been created for all the public lighting connections within the relevant development.

Applications in the name of a Local Authority

Applications in the name of Local Authorities must reference the existing GMPRN under which the new connection should be grouped.

Applications in the name of a Builder/Developer

If a Builder/Developer applies for an unmetered public lighting connection in his/her own name, they will be given a new GMPRN. He/she will also be required to complete and return a GMPRN Connection Agreement before a quotation can be issued. If a Local Authority subsequently wishes to take on responsibility for this public lighting, they must first contact their Electricity Supplier and advise them of the GMPRN number. The Local Authority must then complete a GMPRN Connection Agreement in order to complete the transfer.

Your local ESB Networks design office will issue you a quote for the cost of the capital contribution. You will also receive the Terms for Connection and a Supplementary Agreement


The Supplementary Agreement is additional to the GMPRN Connection Agreement already completed by you. It provides details of the MPRN  for each new connection point. The connection point address and details of the loads to be connected are also outlined for each MPRN.

Once you have your quote, you can make a payment by whichever method suits you best.

Pay by EFT

Pay Online
Pay by Phone - Call 1850 372 757 or +353 21 2386555
Pay by Post - Post a cheque or postal order to:

ESB Networks
Accounts Receivable
Sarsfield Road
Licence No. FCK 724

This payment must be accompanied by a signed Supplementary Agreement.


When all of the above requirements have been fulfilled the job will then be released for authorisation and construction.

ESB Networks is also required to publish details of the new connections (except for existing GMPRN) on a website to which all electricity suppliers have access. The details include:

Load Details  

Note: After a quotation has been accepted, any subsequent changes made to address or load details will require a requotation with resultant delays to provision of connection. All changes to addresses and load details have to be published by ESB Networks on the web site for Electricity Suppliers.


All customers who want an unmetered connection must have a contract with an Electricity Supplier . The new GMPRN must then be registered by the Supplier with ESB Networks before ESB Networks is permitted to make a connection.


Existing GMPRN

Where the new connection is associated with a customer's existing GMPRN, this will already have been registered by a supplier and therefore the customer does not need to register the GMPRN again.
The certificate should be returned by the Electrical Contractor to his/her regulating body who in turn will notify ESB Networks when the certificate has been validated. Read more about the certification process.

Note:  notification to ESB Networks of the validated Wiring Completion Certificate from the regulatory body is taken as confirmation that Customer Interface requirements as outlined in the National Code of Practice (PDF | 3 MB)  have been completed.

In order for the construction programme to proceed, you must confirm that the service duct, meter cabinet and earth trench (where required) have been installed in accordance with ESB specification and are now ready. You can text the word DUCT and your MPRN to 087-7526666 to confirm compliance with the specifications.

The electricity connection will then be completed and made live.


Under current Electricity Supply Market rules, the following loads are excluded:

Loads in excess of 2 kVA or seasonal loads (such as festive lighting) - these loads require metered connections and are processed as commercial connections.

New loads with different load profiles - these loads can not be connected to the same connection point e.g public lighting with a dawn-to-dusk profile and traffic lights with a 24 hour profile.  Each profile requires a separate Technical Meter Point Registration Number (TMPRN).