Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose - Connecting a Clean Electric Future Together 

At ESB Networks we ensure electricity gets to the homes and businesses of our 2.3 million electricity customers in a safe and efficient manner every day, every hour, and every minute.  

We recognise that the environment in which we operate is changing rapidly driven by new policy, regulation and the advancement of technology. This means the role of electricity is changing, creating new challenges and opportunities. 

Our ambition is to build, maintain, operate and develop the electricity network to meet the changing needs and expectations of society, today and in the future. Our vision is to connect a clean electric future together and our customers and stakeholders will be at the heart of this transformation. 

ESB Networks Intern at work near electricity pole

Our Values

  • We're courageous
    Each of us is prepared to challenge the way we’ve done things, stand up for what we feel is right and try better ways of working.
  • We're caring
    We’re putting customers current and future needs at the heart of what we do and we keep ourselves and others safe and healthy.
  • We're driven
    We bring passion and persistence to what we do everyday, innovating and collaborating to meet the challenges and the opportunities ahead.
  • We're trusted
    We each play our part, taking ownership of responsibilities, seeing the job through and protecting our own health and safety, as well as others’.

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