Connect a Micro-Generator

Micro-Generator is a source of electrical energy which operates in parallel with ESB Networks LV System and rated up to and including:

Note 1: Text in Section 2.2 should now read "Table 1 below displays the specific Irish Settings ". Protection settings as per I.S. EN50438:2013 are not acceptable.   New settings were issued in the Oct 2018 edition of Conditions Governing the Connection and Operation of Micro-Generation. 

Note 2: I.S. EN50438: 2103 has now been withdrawn by CENELEC and replacement standard is now EN 50549-1:2019/AC:2019-04 for which test certificates for inverters should be provided. 

Note 3:  The current 'Conditions Governing the Connection & Operation of Microgenereation' DOC-230206-BRL is being revised and a new version will be issued in the latter half of 2021. 


Note: for connections made after September 2018 some Distribution Code conditions may change, arising from the need to be aligned with European Network Codes. For more information on this see our European Network Codes page.
European Network Codes

Types of Micro-Generators

The following are examples of different types of Micro-Generators:

  • Wind-power (Turbines)
  • Solar-power (PV panels)
  • Small hydroelectric schemes
  • Micro combined-heat-and-power (CHP)
  • Combined renewable Micro Generator and storage systems

Standby Generators cannot be used to sell electricity to the electricity grid. If you wish to connect a generator with an output greater than that for micro-generation, go to ‚Äčconnect a wind farm or other renewable generator.

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