Connect a Micro-Generator

Micro-Generator is a source of electrical energy which operates in parallel with ESB Networks LV System and rated up to and including:

  • 25 amperes (≈6kVA) at low voltage [230 volts] when the connection is single phase
  • 16 amperes(≈11kVA) at low voltage [230/400 volt] when the connection is three-phase
  • To familiarise yourself with the process, please read the updated document Conditions governing the Connection & Operation of Micro Generation Policy | PDF 518KB.  Also see Step by Step Guide at the end of this page. 
  • If you installed Micro-Generation previously but did not submit the NC6 Micro-Generation Notification Form at the time, please scroll down and click on "Retrospective Micro-Generation Registration Process "

Information note in relation to Microgeneration units which exceed the defined 25A limit

It has recently come to our attention that some Microgeneration units are being installed which have output currents in excess of the Rated Current (as per Type Test) 25A limit allowable as per the ESB Networks document Conditions Governing the Connection and Operation of Micro-Generation (  

We acknowledge that units may have been inadvertently purchased and installed based on manufacturers model references as opposed to specific data sheet information. In order to address the issue in a reasonable manner and ensure there is absolute clarity, we are now highlighting that we will continue to accept applications for units referenced as 6kW, but with a Rated Current (as per Type Test) of up to a maximum of 28A single phase, until 31st May 2023, however from that date on any units with a Rated Current (as per Type Test) over 25A will not be eligible for connection under the NC6 Microgeneration connection application route.


Types of Micro-Generators

The following are examples of different types of Micro-Generators:

  • Wind-power (Turbines)
  • Solar-power (PV panels)
  • Small hydroelectric schemes
  • Micro combined-heat-and-power (CHP)
  • Combined renewable Micro Generator and storage systems

Standby Generators cannot be used to sell electricity to the electricity grid. If you wish to connect a generator with an output greater than that for micro-generation, go to ‚ÄčMini-Generation

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