Meter Tampering and Electricity Theft

At ESB Networks, your safety is our number one priority.


Your electricity meter is an important and potentially dangerous piece of equipment that must not be interfered with in any way.


It is dangerous and illegal to tamper with an electricity meter or to procure someone else to tamper with it. Meter tampering or any electrical interference poses significant dangers to the people involved, to members of the public, the emergency services and ESB Networks staff. Meter tampering is easily detected and we have a dedicated team who identify those involved.

It is ESB Networks’ policy to take criminal proceedings against anyone who has interfered with a meter. Under the provisions of Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions ) Act 2012 and DSO license holder, an offence of unlawfully interfering with any article (including a meter) owned by ESB Networks can carry penalties ranging from a fine of up to €5,000, up to six months in prison or both.

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Electricity Theft and Metering Tampering

Learn more about the major risks to public safety arising from the unlawful practice of tampering with electricity meters and cables

Report Meter Tampering

If you suspect someone has tampered with an electricity meter you can make a report in total confidence. Simply complete the online form below or call 1800 211 827. If you own a meter that has been tampered with, please contact us to arrange for the meter to be safely exchanged.

Name of suspected fraudulent party

ESB Networks DAC requires the information requested on this webform to enable us to investigate meter tampering. As the Distribution System Operator, this information is also required to enable ESB Networks DAC to manage the electricity network. The data controller is ESB Networks DAC. Please refer to our privacy policy.

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