Our Vision

Our Vision is that by 2030 our Network will:

  • Facilitate up to 1,000,000 electric vehicles and up to 600,000 heat pumps
  • Connect an additional 10 GW of renewable generation
  • Operate with 70% of electricity from renewables
  • Be safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible
  • Allow all customers to play their part in the low carbon future through smart metering
  • Maintain a safe, secure, reliable, resilient and highly performing network
  • Provide flexible and open systems facilitating consumers, prosumers, generators and service providers

Our Strategy

‚ÄčThe networks of the future will critically rely on high speed communications and advanced IT systems.  This enhanced capability will allow us to meet future complex system challenges. It will enable customers to play a more active role in energy management.

ESB Networks is at the forefront of defining Smart Networks. This is achieved through research initiatives and participation in national and international collaborative alignments.

ESB Networks 2027

ESB Networks’ Environmental Policy 

At ESB Networks, we are committed to proactively caring for the environment and conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible way.

We have developed a Policy Statement on the Environment which outlines our commitment to the environment in more detail.


ESB Networks’ Policy Statement on the Environment

European DSO Sustainable Grid Charter

ESB Networks has signed up to the European Distribution System Operators Sustainable Grid Charter. With the Sustainable Grid Charter, E.DSO and its members state their commitment to Sustainability, with regard to, not only climate and environmental issues but also social and governmental issues, both now and in the future. 

EDSO Sustainable Grid Charter

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