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Accessing Your Smart Meter Data 

Customers with smart meters can now access details of the electricity they have consumed and exported within their ESB Networks Online Account.

You can view a graphical representation of this usage and export data, which you can also download in a Harmonised Downloadable File (HDF). Only you have access to your data.

The data is shown in kilowatts and is available for each half hour in a 24-hour period. ESB Networks updates this data regularly and it may take 36-48 hours for data to appear on your online account.

Please note that this service is currently being rolled out and may take a number of months for all customers to access their data.

For more information on smart meter data consumption, please visit our FAQ page here.

Please note that if you have recently switched suppliers, that process can result in your smart meter electricity data prior to your switch being unavailable.  We are currently working to correct this for customers.  In the meantime, if you are about to switch suppliers soon, please ensure you download your HDF file in advance.

Create an account with ESB Networks  

 Creating an account with ESB Networks will allow you access to a host of services including:

  • Access the smart meter data for your property
  • View power outage status at your property
  • Find your MPRN
  • Submit a meter reading

Create My Account

To create an account with ESB Networks, you will need the following:

  • Your MPRN number - you can locate your MPRN on your electricity bill.  For extra information click here.  If you do not know your MPRN you can avail of our 'Find My MPRN Service' within your ESB Networks Account. 
  • A mobile number - to protect your data, we will ask you to complete a two-factor authentication process.
  • Most importantly, please ensure that your name and mobile number match what you provided to your electricity supplier.


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