Connecting Small Scale Generation

Small Scale Generation is the term which applies when an electricity customer installs generation, within the range covered in the definition below, at a demand premises for the purpose of producing electricity. Unlike Mini-Generation, Small Scale Generation includes Synchronous generation such as CHP, as well as Inverter-Connected generation, such as PV. These generators are generally installed to locally produce clean electricity primarily for self-consumption, thus reducing the need and cost of purchasing electricity. Small Scale Generation allows customers to take action to address the issues of climate change, rising electricity prices and reliance on fossil fuels on our journey to a clean electric future together. 

Small Scale Generation is designed to operate in parallel with the electricity network and is defined as a source of connected electrical energy, and all associated electrical equipment where the Installed Generator Capacity is less than or equal to the MIC, in the range as follows:

  • Inverter-connected Installed Capacity greater than 72amps (≈50kVA) Three Phase and up to 200kVA, or,
  • Synchronous Installed Capacity greater than 6kVA and up to 200kVA 

Note: the maximum single phase connection permitted is 72Amps (17kVA)

To familiarise yourself with the technical requirements, please refer to the document, Conditions Governing the Connection and Operation of Small Scale Generation (Download PDF | 582 KB) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at the end of this page. Please note, that the FAQ section will be monitored and updated on a regular basis. If there are further queries on the Small Scale Generation process, please email

Small Scale Generation Connections Process

ESB Networks opened our new streamlined Small Scale Generation Connections Process on 30th September 2022. It was originally opened on a pilot basis to run for approximately 6 months, however due to the huge level of customer interest and overall positive reaction we are continuing to accept applications as we transition towards an enduring solution. Feedback and learnings are actively being taken into account and will be used to develop and enhance our future generator connection processes. Introducing this new process is in line with our strategic objective of enabling as many customers as possible to safely connect their renewable generation to the electricity system.


If you wish to connect a generator with an output greater or less than that for Small Scale Generation, go to ​Connect a Renewable and Embedded Generator, Connect a Micro-Generator or Connecting Mini-Generation, respectively.   

Small Scale Generation - Step-by-step Guide


Do not install Small Scale Generation unless you have signed and returned the associated Connection Agreement, and do not operate the equipment until the Protection has been witness tested by ESB Networks. No works shall progress until the conditions in the Connection Agreement have been met and any ESB Networks construction work has been completed.  Please contact ESB Networks at, prior to energisation, to arrange EGIP Witness Testing. 

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