Climate Action and Sustainability

ESB Networks is helping to lead the transition to a reliable, affordable, low-carbon energy future. This is a future powered by clean, sustainable electricity.

At ESB Networks, we will continue to operate our business so that we can be proud of our environmental performance and sustainability.

ESB Networks Environmental Performance Reports

In these reports you will find information on the environmental and sustainability aspects of our business which we hope you find useful

Environmental Performance Report 2020 |Download PDF 2 MB

Environmental Performance Report 2021 |Download PDF 2.3 MB

Environmental Performance Report 2022 |Download PDF 6.4MB

Our Approach to Recycling & Waste

ESB Networks takes the issue of waste management very seriously and our approach to this issue is underpinned by the following core principles: 

  • We aim to minimise the production of all wastes and take waste disposal issues into consideration in both our selection and purchase of materials and equipment.
  • We constantly try to identify opportunities to recycle waste and continuously aim to expand the use of recyclable materials. 
  • We dispose of all residual waste in a safe and responsible manner using only appropriately permitted and licensed waste management companies. 

More information on ESB Networks' approach to recycling and waste can be found in the latest   Annual Environment Report | Download PDF 2.3 MB.

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