Electrification of Transport

How is ESB Networks Enabling the Electrification of Transport?

ESB Networks is enabling the electrification of transport by connecting at least one million EV's to the distribution system by 2030.   The distribution network has considerable capacity to accommodate electrified transport.  However, there will be areas of the network which are already heavily loaded or where clusters of EV's emerge that will require the deployment of smart solutions or reinforcement.

To deliver on our commitment we are:

  • actively supporting the development of governmental, national body and local authority standards, policies and various code of practice arising in this space
  • developing and implementing standards and design for EV recharging
  • developing forecasting tools that will support our decision making process for system reinforcement to accommodate additional EV recharging points


EV Recharging Infrastructure Connection Screening 

In our newly published  Networks for Net Zero Strategy |PDF 12 MB we committed to deliver the electricity network for Ireland’s Clean Electric Future through continued collaboration with our customers, stakeholders and business partners.  

In this regard, and in response to customer feedback, we have defined a specific connection screening process for EV recharging  infrastructure developers.  Click here for further details.


ESB Networks has a central role in enabling the electrification of transport. The Government’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) calls for nearly 1 million Electric Vehicles (EVs) on Irish roads by 2030.

Facilitating the electrification of transport at a domestic level, while ensuring reliability and customer continuity of supply will change the way we control, operate and design the low voltage network.

Electric Vehicles - Facts & FAQ's

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