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Increase or Decrease your Business Supply (MIC)

The strength of the electrical connection applied to your business is called the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC).

If you recently added electrical equipment that requires extra power, your current MIC may no longer be sufficient for your needs, and an increase in MIC may be required. Also, if you removed some electrical equipment from your commercial premises, your current MIC level will need to be reviewed. A new MIC may be applied for in such cases.

Note: In all cases please consult with your electrician/consultant on your appropriate MIC for your commercial premise, as ESB Networks do not provide this service.

View the Distributed Use of System Rules for Application of DUoS Tariff Group (PDF | 269 KB) applicable to your MIC.

Note: If you have not significantly increased the amount of electricity you are using and you are experiencing voltage fluctuations, there could be a voltage problem in your premises or on our network. Find out more about voltage problems here.

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How to increase your MIC

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