Stakeholder Engagement

At ESB Networks, we understand that an open and ongoing dialogue with our customers and stakeholders is essential. This is particularly important when the demands on the electricity system are changing. We know that delivering access to secure, affordable and sustainable energy for our customers is fundamental. But we also understand that only by listening and engaging with our customers and stakeholders, can we truly reflect their needs and preferences in how we develop the network and services that we deliver.

Through our continual stakeholder engagement we hope that it will help us to evolve and enhance our relationship with our many customers and stakeholders.

How Stakeholder Feedback is Shaping our Engagement

This report describes how stakeholder feedback is shaping our approach to our engagement strategy, plans and activities in 2020. It describes how we're interpreting stakeholders needs to ensure continuous improvement of our stakeholder engagement going forward.

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Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Framework

The Strategic Engagement Framework document outlines our overall strategy for engagement including the process, principles, organisation, how it aligns with our business strategy, and the key areas of engagement we are focusing on in 2020.


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Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Plan 2020

The Strategic Engagement Plan 2020 document outlines our planned key areas of engagement activity throughout the course of the year.


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Stakeholder Engagement Report 2019

The purpose of this report is to describe and review our stakeholder approach and activities in 2019. The report contains information on our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, Feedback and Learnings, Case Studies and Measure of Success.


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Past Stakeholder Engagement Plans and Reports