Public Consultations

At ESB Networks, we appreciate the importance of listening to our customers and stakeholders and hearing their views, concerns and expectations so that we are better informed in our decision making and management of the electricity network.

Through our public consultations we seek to actively inform, engage and hear from our customers and stakeholders on areas and activities across our business.


Current Public Consultations


ESB Networks and EirGrid, in their respective capacity as Transmission Asset Owner (TAO) and Transmission System Operator (TSO) have published for consultation, the draft Electricity Transmission Performance Report 2019 and Investment Planning and Delivery Report 2019.


Consultation Documents:

To view the consultation documents, please click on the links below:

Electricity Transmission Performance Report 2019 | PDF 4 MB

Investment Planning and Delivery Report 2019 | PDF 2 MB


Consultation Question:

Do you have any comments on the Electricity Transmission Performance Report 2019, and/or the Investment Planning and Delivery Report 2019?


Next Steps:

Interested stakeholder’s views are invited until 23rd Sept 2020 and can be sent to and


In order to meet the targets set out in the National Climate Action Plan, ESB Networks is developing standard module connection options to facilitate the faster connection of customers deploying low-carbon technology. ESB Networks is looking for stakeholder feedback on our proposed alternative MV connection options for electric vehicle charging sites in urban service station locations. 


Consultation Document:

To view the consultation document, please click on the link below:

MV Customer Connection Standard Module - Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs in Urban Environment | PDF 620 KB


Consultation Question:

ESB Networks is considering a potential solution which we aim to introduce. We would like to get feedback from all stakeholders and we welcome any comments interested stakeholders may have on this proposal. 


Next Steps:

The consultation period will close on 30th September 2020, please send your feedback to


Recent Public Consultations