Dingle Project Reports

Learnings from the Dingle Project 

The Dingle Project explored the impact of low carbon and clean energy enabling technologies on the electricity network and evaluated the potential for these technologies, installed at residential and small business settings, to offer support to the grid. 

The project also assessed the role of localised initiatives such as the Ambassador Programme and the electric vehicle trial, in supporting wider diffusion of technology and active energy citizen behaviours across the local community.

The Dingle Project provides a template for engaging and empowering communities towards low carbon transformation which could be explored in other areas and communities beyond Dingle.

Dingle Project Reports

Dingle Project Data

 Anonymised  technical  data  recorded  from  the  clean  energy  enabling  assets  and  sensors  installed  in  the participating properties is available on request. 

Please email innovationfeedback@esbnetworks.ie with your name, contact details and intended use of the data.  ESB Networks will review your request and respond at our earliest convenience. 

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