Appliance Safety Tips

Appliance Safety Tips

  • Always read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before using a new appliance

  • Treat flexes with care and check regularly for signs of wear

  • Don't repair a damaged flex or make joints to extend a flex

  • Replace all appliances or plugs which are broken or have signs of excessive heating

  • Don't drag an appliance by the flex or pull on the flex to remove a plug from the socket

  • Don't overload sockets, use fused extension leads if required

  • Uncoil an extension lead completely before use

  • Don't cover an electric heater with clothing or other items

  • Keep heaters away from bedclothes, clothing and curtains to avoid risk of fire

  • Don’t use portable appliances in a wet location such as the bathroom or the garden when it's raining 

Surge Protection

All Electricity Networks are occasionally subject to variations in voltage due to lightning, storms or other causes of damage. Your own electrical installation can also sometimes cause voltage variations. These variations may interfere with the effective functioning of sensitive appliances or equipment.