Safety at Home

Electricity is so much part of daily life that we often take it for granted. It is a powerful and versatile energy but can be dangerous if it is not used properly.

Serious accidents with electricity can occur in the home. It's important to know the basic rules about electricity use and what risks not to take.   

Your home's electricity supply comes through the ESB Networks main fuse and meter. Both of these items are sealed and must never be interfered with. The safety of the electrical wiring installation in your home and how electric appliances are used and maintained are your responsibility.

General Safety Tips

  • Be vigilant for frayed wires, loose connections or damaged plugs and replace them immediately
  • For extra safety, always switch off and unplug electrical items when not in use
  • Always unwind extension leads fully to avoid overheating
  • Don’t overload sockets with adaptors or extension blocks
  • Test your trip switch or residual current device (RCD) twice yearly (when the clocks change) by pushing the test button
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms twice yearly (when the clocks change) to ensure they are working
  • Always use a registered Electrical Contractor to carry out electrical work.

Outdoor Safety Tips

  • Always look up and watch out for overhead electricity wires
  • Never approach or touch fallen electricity wires as they are live and extremely dangerous
  • Never attach anything to an electricity pole or wire
  • Don't carry out any work near overhead wires or poles

For more Safety Tips select from the options below:

Safety Tip: In the event of a dangerous situation contact ESB Networks 24 hour Emergency Number 1800 372 999 or +353 21 2382410