Leisure Activities 

family and Kite in Field

Leisure Activities


Electricity infrastructure is all around you. If you are planning an outdoor leisure activity take note of any overhead power lines, substations, minipillars or other electrical equipment in the area. Remember that you do not always have to touch the equipment to be injured, in certain conditions electricity can travel through the air. 

Before rigging or moving a boat with a tall mast you should always: 

  • Check if there are overhead power lines nearby
  • Plan the route you want to take
  • In some circumstances, electricity can jump from the power line to the boat mast – it does not need to touch the mast
  • Remember that electricity can travel down a kite string
  • Never fly kites near overhead lines 

If your kite gets caught in an overhead power line, call our emergency number 1800 372 999 or +353 21 2382410 to report it. Don't attempt to get it down yourself. 

  • Plan your route and ensure you have maps showing the location of overhead lines 
  • Be extra vigilant when flying low as overhead lines can be difficult to see from the air 
  • Get to know a new landing location and be aware of overhead lines 
  •  In an emergency landing watch out for pylons, poles and overhead lines 
  • Many fishing rods are made of conductive material such as carbon fibre or metal and electricity can flow along a wet fishing line
  • Always look up and never fish underneath overhead power lines 
  • Established fishing areas near overhead lines will have special warning signs - take note of these 
  • Fish at least 30 metres (100ft) away from all overhead lines – measure this along the ground