Consultation on ESB Networks’ Investment Plan Approach for Price Review 6 (PR6) – July 2024

ESB Networks is committed to developing and delivering a plan for PR6, in collaboration with our customers and stakeholders, to support the transformational change needed to bring about a more secure, affordable and sustainable energy future for individuals and communities across Ireland.

To help further shape these plans, your feedback would be very much appreciated.

The consultation period will begin on Friday 12th July 2024, and will close on Friday 30th August 2024 at 17:00pm. 

All comments are invited and can be sent directly to 

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Modification Proposal #42 - Clarity of Power Factor requirements for windfarms at low power levels

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Modification Proposal #34a - Volt Freq FRT for all generators

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Modification Proposal #34b - Volt Freq FRT for all generators

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Modification Proposal #34c - Volt Freq FRT for all generators

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Modification Proposal #34d - Define Generator Operating Modes

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Modification Proposal #41 - DCRP Class Derogation

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Modification Proposal 40 Authorised Persons

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CRU has approved Modification No. 36 of the Distribution Code. The requirements stated under DCC11 are driven largely by the combined effect that large penetration of Non-Synchronous generation on the operation of the Transmission System. To date, this cohort of generation has comprised, almost exclusively of wind generation. It is now apparent that other forms of generation [most notably PV], which have an invertor between the primary source and the Connection Point, present the same technical challenges to System Operation. It is logical therefore that the same technical requirements should apply to them.

This approach is also consistent with that which will be taken upon adoption of the European Network Codes, most notably the Requirements for Generation [RfG], wherein the document structure is divided between Synchronous Generators and what are termed Power Park Modules.

Separately, the total quantum of generation connecting to the system has reached levels at which the quantum of un-controlled real power from distribution connected generation poses a threat to the stability of the power system. For that reason and for the reasons stated above with regard to the increase in solar generation connections, EirGrid deem necessary to make more of the PPM fleet MW controllable.

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Rate of Change of Frequency Requirments of Users

Modification No. 26 - DS3 Rate of Charge of Frequency Requirements of Users. 

Effective Date 09/04/2014

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Registered Capacity

Modification No. 25 - Registered Capacity. 

Effective Date 13/08/2014

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Safety Co-ordination (DOC 11) - Modification No. 38

Modification No 38 Safety Procedures

Effective Date 23/02/2016

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Safety Procedures - Modification No. 39

Modification No. 39 - Safety Procedures

Effective Date 23/02/2016

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