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ESB Networks Press Release issued Monday, 22nd January 2024 at 12:35pm 

  • Over 155,000 homes, farms and businesses remain without power as of 12:35 pm, down from over 235,000 at the peak 
  • Stay Safe, Stay Clear of fallen electricity wires. Report any damage to the network by calling 1800 372999
  • All ESB Networks crews and contract partner crews have been deployed since before first light and are working to safely restore power as quickly as possible. However, due to the severity of Storm Isha, we expect to have many customers without power tonight while some customers will be without power for a number of days     
  • The simplest and most direct way for customers to get updates on estimated restoration times is via and

Storm force winds associated with Storm Isha have caused significant damage to the electricity network across the country with over 155,000 homes, farms and businesses (as of 12:35pm) remaining without power. At 6.30am this morning, approximately 235,000 customers were without power.  

The main areas impacted are predominantly in the Northwest  including counties Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim and Cavan The damage is mainly attributable to fallen trees on overhead lines as a result of the high winds. 

All available ESB Networks resources are now deployed, along with assistance from partner contractors. Crews are currently in the process of assessing damage, making the network safe and repairing electricity supply where safe to do so. 

We expect to restore power to  significant numbers of impacted customers throughout today, Monday. However, due to the severity of Storm Isha, full restoration of electricity supplies will take a number of days. While we continue to restore electricity to large numbers of customers,  we expect to have significant numbers of customers without power tonight. Given the extensive damage to the network, unfortunately some customers will be without power for a number of days. Orange and Yellow level winds associated with Storm Jocelyn tomorrow (Tuesday) may hamper restoration efforts.   

It is important that any impacted customers who use electrically powered medical devices contact their healthcare professional to make alternative arrangements if necessary.  

We apologise for the disruption to family and commercial life due to storm Isha, and thank customers across the country for their patience as our crews work to safely restore power as quickly as possible. 

The real-time status on power restoration is being updated throughout the day and available on and on  

An Important Public Safety Message: If you come across fallen wires or damaged electricity network, never, ever touch or approach these as they may be LIVE and extremely dangerous. Please report any damage to electricity infrastructure by calling1800 372 999.