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Over 1.4 million Smart Meters Installed by ESB Networks

More than half of all households across Ireland now have a smart meter

In support of Ireland’s transition to a clean electric future, ESB Networks has now installed over 1.4 million smart electricity meters across the country as it continues to roll out the National Smart Metering Programme. The programme is being delivered in partnership with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, and all electricity suppliers.

Each one of the 1.4 million homes, farms and businesses have received a like-for-like exchange of their meter. Following the installation of a smart meter, there is no change to a customer’s electricity price plan with their supplier.

ESB Networks’ is continuing to deliver the roll out which began in autumn 2019 as meters are installed on an area-by-area basis and from September 2023, the upgrade of Day/Night meters will commence for eligible customers. All customers are notified in advance about the roll out in their area and individual meter exchange.

Once installed, smart meters help transform how electricity consumption is measured and managed, provide access to greater information, which can help you make more informed choices about how and when to use electricity. To view usage information, a smart meter customer just needs to set up an ESB Networks Online Account – registration is a straightforward process here on our website.

The upgrade to smart meters also enables the interim microgeneration support scheme. This allows customers to generate their own electricity (e.g. using solar panels) and receive payment from their supplier for any excess electricity sold to the grid.

For more information about the programme click  here.