Keeping You & your neighbours connected.


ESB Networks is pleased to have launched an exciting new phase of our ‘Is This a Good Time?’ programme. This follows our successful pilot phase which launched in October last year. Over 18,000 electricity customers all over Ireland signed up and took more than 40,000 actions to help support Ireland’s security of supply and help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. 

Why sign up? 

  • You will receive useful information and tips via email and SMS to help you learn how to take control of your home's electricity usage.
  • You will find out when the best times are to use your electrical appliances (i.e., outside of peak hours of 5-7pm or when renewable electricity is being generated).
  • Get rewarded with vouchers for taking control when prompted (via energy events). 

How to get more information and sign up?

To get more information please click here. To successfully sign up you will need to: 

  • Log in or create an ESB Networks Online Account here
  • Add your MPRN to your Online Account (find how to locate this here).
  • Once your account has been created, click on the icon called 'Time for rewards' and follow the instructions from here on how to sign up to ‘Is This a Good Time?’.

Getting rewarded for taking part

From time to time, we will occasionally contact you by email or SMS to see if you can take a suggested action during what we call 'energy events'. These events may come in the form of peak events to support security of supply, or flexibility events to optimise use of renewable electricity. To learn more about energy events and rewards please click here

If you are able to act during an energy event (a time in which we prompt you to take an action), you can even be rewarded with a voucher up to the value of €5 per event. All you have to do is take the action requested, answer a short survey (we will let you know when it’s ready), and have your MPRN linked with your online account.

When is a good time to use my appliances? 

We will also let you know when the best times to use electricity are. For instance, when renewable generation is high on a windy day, we might let you know it’s a good time to catch up on the laundry you may have been putting off doing! 

Another easy one to remember is: any time outside of the peak demand times of 5-7pm is a good time to use your electrical appliances. This is because fewer people are using electricity at the same time.

For more information on ‘Is This a Good Time?’, simply visit our dedicated website here.