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There is no charge to connect a micro-generator to the ESB network provided it complies with EN50438, or equivalent.
The current installation fee is €340 (incl VAT).
It is not obligatory to install an import/Export meter in all circumstances. We will carry out checks on your existing meter to verify suitability of same.  When an Import/Export meter is not installed, you will not be able to apply to a supplier for payment and the exported units are not recorded.
If you have an Import/Export meter you can get paid for exported electricity. You will also need to contact your Electrical Supplier to make sure they offer an export tariff.
The cost of your bill may fall because you may not be drawing as much power from the electricity network as previously.   However, there is no change to your standing charge which remains the same.
No. Those connecting Micro-Generators are not required to apply to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) in order to receive an Authorisation to Construct/Licence to Generate as they are deemed to be automatically authorised and licensed by Order. Please note that such generators are subject to certain terms and conditions as set out in the relevant Orders (S.I. No. 383 of 2008 and S.I. No. 384 of 2008). Go to CRU website for a copy of the Orders.

Yes - You can connect a micro-generator in parallel with ESB Networks LV System provided it is:

Yes - if you wish to install a larger generator go to Connect a Renewable/Embedded Generator.
No - It is a safety condition that no generator connected to the Electricity Network can operate if the electricity supply is off or de-energised.
Micro Generators have the potential to give an electric shock or create a dangerous hazard for you or your neighbours. For your own safety, it is important that the unit fully complies with safety standards. If your generator causes damage to the electricity network or to the general public you may be liable.