Pay your Invoice / Payment Request by Laser/Visa Debit or Credit Cards

* Denotes mandatory fields

This is a 12 digit number and is located at the top of your Invoice on the left. The first three digits begin with 1

Your Invoice will display a Payment Request or Invoice Number. This is located at the top right corner underneath the MPRN. It is a ten digit number beginning with 14 or 15.

Enter the name on the Invoice

Enter the address

Enter the address

Enter the address

Enter City/County

Enter Postal Code

Please provide us with a contact phone number in case we need to contact you regarding this payment.

If you provide us with an email address we will send you confirmation of payment.


Please enter the Invoice total or the amount you wish to pay. Note that some banks have a single transaction limit. If your Invoice exceeds this amount, you may need to make two transactions.

Things to note

  • Laser/Visa Debit or Credit Cards are acceptable
  • You will need your Account Number and Payment Request Number which you will find at the top of the Invoice
  • Please allow two working days for your payment to be credited
  • Other Options to make a payment.

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