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Learn how your community compares to others across the country

  • Across the country, homes, businesses and organisations are taking steps towards a more sustainable future when it comes to electricity.
  • Here you will find some key statistics on how each community is playing their part. From the drop down menu below, select the county you wish to view. You will find information on each counties demand, generation and participation in flexibility initiatives with ESB Networks. You will also find information on the anticipated flexibility targets for each county in the coming years.
  • Watch this page over the coming months as we update the information and track how your county is doing, and compare it to others.

Renewable Energy Ranking


Select a county below to see how it compares to other counties in Ireland. Each county is ranked between 1 and 26 based on their renewable energy mix. 

You will see an indication of the demand, flexible product and technology update which all feeds in to the county score.

This ranking is updated on a monthly basis.

Sign up to flexible products today. For 'Beat the Peak Business' please click  here or to take part in 'Is This a Good Time?' please click  here.



1 MW compared to 207347185.7 kWh Irish Average

{{County}} has Low Demand, compared to the average community in Ireland.

Uptake in Flexible Products


00% compared to 0 average


00% compared to 650 average

{{XX}} people in this county responded to the latest event as part of our domestic 'Is This a Good Time?'.

Technology Uptake


00% compared to 12698 Average


00% compared to 749.38 Average

For more info on flexible technology uptake in your area please visit the SEAI website here.

How do we improve flexibility

Placeholder text for the static info explaining why and how much flexibility is needed for this community. the info on the right is contextualising that into actions. This text should explain to the reader what this section means in understandable terms. Link to Possible Sign Up for Campaigns

{{County}} needs {{X}} MW of flexibility that is equivalent to:

Solar Panels iconSolar Panels 0

Explaining Red & Green Indicators

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