ESB Networks' Innovation Projects

Our Innovation Projects

Our Innovation Strategy Framework is applied to a balanced portfolio of projects covering three pillars that broadly define the scope of work and the areas where we need to deliver new and improved services.

The three new pillars; Future Customer, Climate Action and Network Resilience align with our new business strategy and reflect the objectives of CRU’s SIF incentive mechanism.

ESB Networks acknowledges the dynamic nature of innovation and the need to be flexible to address future challenges which may emerge. Therefore, ESB Networks expects to see more adjustments to the projects included in each pillar as policy priorities emerge, changes in customer behaviour manifest themselves, and forecasts for generation, flexibility and low-carbon load become more certain.  For a high level overview of our ESB Networks' innovation project portfolio, please click here (PDF | 461 KB).

The three sections below will bring you to:

  • Our latest public consultation (now closed) on our innovation activities ‘Innovating to Transform the Electricity Network ’.
  • A list of our current pipeline projects that are currently in ESB Networks’ pipeline of possible future innovation projects.
  • Information on our Dingle Electrification Project


Innovation Sections

Innovation Pillars

ESB Networks are actively involved in c. 30-40 innovation projects or trials. The progress reports and close-out reports for a selection of these projects can be found under their respective pillars below.