Project Updates


The Dingle Project commenced in 2018 and the technical trials were completed at end January 2022.  Over the course of the project, low carbon and clean energy enabling technologies were installed at 35 properties across the Dingle Peninsula.  The following technologies were installed: 

  • 25 Solar PV systems;
  • 5 residential-scale batteries;
  • 5 Air Source Heat Pumps;
  • 15 Smart EV chargers, 5 of which were replaced with bi-directional V2G chargers;
  • 17 Electric Vehicles were provided; 
  • 3 retrofits completed at Ambassador properties;
  • Home Energy Monitoring devices installed at participating properties;

On the electricity network, a number of pre-existing technologies and devices were upgraded and some new technologies were trialled with the objective of enhancing the overall reliability of the network for all connected customers:

  •  Increased remote control and automation of existing MV (medium voltage) network, enabling faster customer restoration times in the event of power outages;
  • Trialling of low voltage (LV) monitoring devices to provide visibility of the impact of low carbon technologies at local transformer level;
  • Trialling smart devices on the overhead MV network to better identify the location of faults and enable faster restoration;

The Flexibility Trial has been completed.  This trial explored whether clean energy enabling technologies such as EV chargers, V2G chargers, heat pumps and residential batteries could be controlled and operated in a manner to minimise their impact on the local electricity network and at times provide supporting services to the Distribution System Operator.

Research into the effectiveness of the Dingle Project Ambassador Programme and the EV Trial in engaging the community on low carbon energy transition, diffusion of active energy citizenship behaviours and technology adoption has been completed by MaREI.

Reports on all key workstreams of the project will be published on the website in due course.

Active Energy Citizen

Watch Fergal Egan, The Dingle Project Manager at ESB Networks, host EEI webinar focusing on what ESB Networks is doing to enable the Active Energy Citizen across the Dingle peninsula.

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