Project Objectives

What are the Dingle Project objectives?

Customer Flexibility - Inform ESB Networks on the efficient design for enabling additional network loads due to the electrification of heat and transport.

Peer-to-Peer Services - Investigate how Peer-to-Peer impacts the technical operation of the low voltage network and the functional requirements of metering to support it.

Increased Network Reliability - Inform ESB Networks as to whether data gathered from new 'Internet of Things' devices on the network can complement existing data sources in enhancing the reliability of the electrical network.

Activate the Energy Citizen - Understand the value of engagement strategies required to enable society to transition to the role of “active energy citizen”. This is a person who changes their behaviour to create a positive impact on the electrical network.

What will the Dingle Project deliver?

  • An evaluation of the technical results of project trials that will inform the development of the future electricity network.
  • An in-depth analysis outlining what enables an individual to become an active energy citizen with consideration given to the challenges and barriers that they may face.

How are we delivering the Dingle Project?

  • Collaboration with the local community and recruiting community members to help us trial various technologies across the Dingle peninsula.
  • Installation and testing of renewable technologies and Smart Devices on the electricity network.
  • Partnering with local community groups, academia, industry, regulation and policy owners.