Community Involvement

ESB Networks Dingle Project Ambassadors


A significant part of the Dingle Project is our work and engagement with the local community. We work closely with a number of individuals and groups, through project partnerships and direct involvement and participation in the trials. We will look to share our learnings from this project with other community energy groups with the hope that they can take this information and themselves become active energy communities.


Our Dingle Project Ambassador Programme provides us with the greatest opportunity to work with customers in exploring the use of low carbon technologies in powering heat and transport and will help us create a more reliable and sustainable energy network for the future.


These five individuals were chosen as they are representative of not only the different types of users of our electricity network but also the demographics of Irish society, coming from our business, farming and domestic customer base.


Each of these ambassadors will have a range of technologies installed in their homes and businesses, with each receiving:


    Solar PV Systems
    Battery Management Systems
    Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)
    Electric Vehicles and Smart EV Chargers
    Peer-to-Peer Energy Services
    Smart Home Devices

We also have a Solar PV Trial underway that has seen the installation of 20 Solar PV systems on various properties around the peninsula. Ten of the trial participants were selected as they had previously expressed an interest in being involved in the project and the remaining 10 participants won Solar PVs as a result of entering in a competition at the Dingle Food Festival in 2018.
We recently launched an Expression of Interest for a licenced Energy Supplier to partner with us on a Peer-to-Peer Trial for the peninsula. At a very simple level, Peer-to-Peer means if you are generating your own electricity, for example when using Solar PVs, and you don’t use all of the electricity that you are generating in your own property, others in your community can align their consumption to make use of this additional output.
As part of the Dingle Project ESB Networks is making 17 cars available to the Dingle community to drive for a period of one year so that we can understand the how the electrification of transport will impact our electricity network. Hyundai has won the tender and the model that will be used in the trial is the Kona Electric. We will be announcing successful Trial Participants at the end of July and hope to start our trial in September 2020.


The Dingle Project is part of the Dingle Peninsula 2030 initiative.

Along with the other coordinating members; the Dingle Creativity and Innovation Hub, MaREI and the North East West Kerry Development (NEWKD), we are working together to enable the societal changes needed to transition to a low carbon society.

For more information on the Dingle Peninsula 2030 visit