Pledges for Pharmaceuticals

Take a look at some suggested pledges to help support Beat the Peak, tailored for the pharmaceuticals industry: 

Overarching Pledge

Sample Initiative

Sample KWh Saved 

Plan Consciously

  • Where possible, shift the most energy intensive areas of production to non-peak times.
  • Know machine start up times - avoid heavy machine idling or being kept on stand-by
  • Shift EV charging (fleet and staff) outside of peak hours

Switching off 50 EV chargers and 50 heavy duty machinery = 14,000 kWH

Switch it Off

  • Turn off any non-essential equipment both in plants and offices during peak hours and ensure appliances are turned off at the end of the day. 

500 monitors, 20 large screens, 50 heavy duty machinery, 5 lifts = 8,000 kWh

Be Smart with Space and Lighting

  • Implement 'smart' lighting to ensure only necessary areas are lit within offices and on the plant floor
  • Optimise the air-conditioning and heating within office spaces and on the production floors.

Switching off 50 industrial lights and 5 air condition units = 840kWH

Make Employee 'Champions'

  • Pick selected employees to be 'Energy Champions' to help with the implementation of pledges and educate employees to better understand the peak. 

*Across 5-7pm peak (2 hours) over 12 instances (total: 24hrs)

Or, if you would like to pledge your own actions please get in touch, nobody knows your organisation better that you.  

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