Commercial Pledge: Accenture

Accenture pledges to help Beat the Peak this winter

This winter, Accenture is supporting ESB Networks’ ‘Beat the Peak’ Commercial Pledge pilot by publicly pledging a number of initiatives to reduce electricity consumption in Accenture offices during peak demand times (5pm-7pm). The company is also actively encouraging its employees across Ireland to get involved at home by signing up to the domestic pilot - ‘Is This a Good Time?’. 

Accenture is the first professional services organisation to publicly pledge to get involved in the national effort. 

As part of this, Accenture will help Beat the Peak this winter by reducing electricity consumption during peak times (5 – 7pm) through the following initiatives:

  1. Switching off large digital screens and audio equipment in office buildings during peak times (5pm-7pm) 
  2. Encouraging staff to unplug laptops during peak hours and run off battery power where possible between 5pm-7pm
  3. Powering off heating and cooling systems in Accenture offices at peak times of the day (5pm – 7pm)
  4. Turning off lights that are not in use and replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs
  5. Encouraging employees to engage in Beat the Peak behaviours in the office and at home through an employee engagement campaign. 

Remarking on this collaboration, Niamh O’Gorman, Head of Sustainability for Accenture in Ireland, commented:

‘At Accenture, we embed sustainability into everything we do and through close collaboration with ESB Networks we are pleased to pledge our support to help Beat the Peak this winter by reducing our electricity consumption through a range of energy saving initiatives in our offices during peak times of 5 to 7pm. Our people are actively participating in the pilot as we rally behind the national movement.’

Dr Ellen Diskin, Head of ESB Networks’ National Network, Local Connections Programme, adds:

"We are delighted to sign up Accenture as our first professional services organisation to join ESB Networks’ Beat the Peak Commercial Pledge initiative. Accenture is leading by example, making pledges which other professional services businesses out there who are looking to reduce their electricity consumption during peak hours can follow. We continue to encourage all businesses across Ireland to get involved and help Beat the Peak this winter’’. 

ESB Networks is actively working with a number of different organisations to support them on simple steps they might take to move their electricity consumption away from peak times. 

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